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Child support family law in AlbertaEmotions run hot in any matter that involves the well-being of children. This is understandable as most parents believe nothing is more important than their access or parenting time with their children. But what is fair? Who is in the best position to have custody? Most importantly, what is best for the children? There are no easy answers when it comes to issues of child custody and child support. Every case is different, every family is different.

At Kiriak Law, we understand these realities and have the many years of experience required to provide sound legal advice on every aspect of child custody decisions, including Access, Child Support, Custody (Joint Custody and Shared Custody), Enforcement of Court Orders, Maintenance, Paternity, Shared Parenting, and emerging interests such as father's rights.

You know the stakes are high, so don't settle for anything less than the caring and comprehensive legal support and guidance you will receive from the family law lawyers at Kiriak Law.

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