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Canada Revenue Agency sign, with storm clouds in the background, symbolizing the problems that can come up in tax litigation, a tax audit or any other Canadian tax dispute requiring the help of a Canadian CRA tax lawyer like Sangin Sam Safi.
Tax litigation document, requiring the assistance of a Revenue Canada lawyer like Sangin Sam Safi, a recognized tax audit lawyer offering reasonable Canadian tax lawyer fees to handle tax litigation or a Canadian tax audit.
Canadian CRA tax lawyer Sangin Sam Safi, who offers reasonable rates for legal services related to a Canadian tax dispute, tax litigation or a tax audit and to fight aggressive tax collection methods, including the garnishing of wages and property and criminal prosecution.

Corporate legal services and fees for business owners

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Don’t complete your search for an affordable Edmonton business lawyer until you have spoken with Sangin 'Sam' Safi.  He understands Alberta corporate tax law and can handle a wide range of corporate and business legal services, ranging from annual returns to incorporationsReview our highly competitive legal fees for solicitor legal services related to corporate or tax law, one more reason why you should be represented by a corporate attorney at Kiriak Law.

Annual Return:

Annual Return & preparation of resolutions:

Kiriak Law Office as registered address:

Incorporate numbered company with minute book:

Incorporate named company with minute book:

Unanimous shareholder agreement ("USA"):
Starting at $1,399.00

Other corporate work:
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