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End your search through the lawyer referral service in Edmonton or the Edmonton lawyer directory by calling Jerry D. Kiriak, LLB, an attorney in a top law firm offering sound legal advice & services
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Edmonton Law Office - Signing PapersIt's easy to see why Kiriak Law, a top law firm in Edmonton, is attracting an ever growing list of clients. Some come to us because they are seeking legal services for the first time and are attracted to the support and guidance we provide. Others choose Kiriak Law because they want something better than what they have received from other civil law firms in Edmonton and Alberta. All can expect to receive compassionate representation of their legal rights at highly competitive rates.

"No two legal cases are alike", notes Edmonton lawyer Jerry Kiriak, the principal of Kiriak Law. "There are always differences and nuances. We take the time to identify these issues, which can make the difference between success and failure. We also ensure the client understands the legal issues and that we have a clear understanding of the client's immediate and long-term goals." This commitment to full and honest communication at every stage of the legal process is one of the many reasons why our law office is attracting an ever increasing number of clients who need to locate the right lawyer to handle personal injury, real estate law and wills and estates law.

Competitive legal rates, excellent attorney advocacy and compassionate representation

You will also appreciate that our fees for legal services and disbursements are made clear right from the start and are approved before we go on to work on your behalf. Support is never more than a telephone call away. We are happy to meet with you in our offices or at your home. You can expect prompt responses to all inquiries and regular progress updates.

Edmonton law office of Jerry Kiriak, a good choice if you are conducting a lawyer search or looking through a lawyer referral service.This helps explain why we receive such kind and supportive testimonials from our clients. For example, here is how one client expressed his thanks: "You did a great job. You had my back."

To learn more about the legal process, take a moment to read our FAQS and legal terminology pages. Or get started today by contacting us online or by phone to request your free, no obligation introductory consultation.

We trust that you will find this legal website helpful, but please note that the content Is provided for informational purposes to assist anyone who has not been able to locate a lawyer by looking through the Edmonton lawyer directory, a lawyer referral service or lawyer reviews. It should not be considered legal advice.

"You're amazing!! It definitely looks like I owe you not just a bottle of wine, but a crate!!"

Michael F.
Edmonton, Alberta

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