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Family Law & Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Have a question about divorce or separation or property division in Alberta? Contact Jerry Kiriak, who offers sound legal advice.
Family Law & Divorce

Real Estate
Legal Services

Real estate lawyers Jerry Kiriak and Claire Spicer provide legal real estate advice in Edmonton for buying and selling properties.
Real Estate Law

Personal Injury
Law Suits

Jerry Kiriak, a leading personal injury lawyer in Edmonton, can advance your law suit or proceed with litigation.
Personal Injury Law

Wills & Estates

Do you have questions about Edmonton Estate law in Alberta? Contact Jerry Kiriak who always offers competitive rates and valuable legal advice.
Wills & Estates

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It’s easy to see why Kiriak Law, a top law firm in Edmonton, is attracting an ever-growing list of clients. Some come to us because they are seeking legal services for the first time and are attracted to the support and guidance we provide.

Others choose Kiriak Law because they want something better than what they have received from other civil litigation law firms in Edmonton and Alberta. All can expect to receive compassionate representation of their legal rights at highly competitive rates.
Why Choose Kiriak Law?
  • “You’re amazing!! It definitely looks like I owe you not just a bottle of wine, but a crate!!”
    -Michael F., Edmonton
  • “Always responded quickly to phone calls and questions.”
    -Andrew K., Edmonton
  • “I have not said it yet, but thank you, you did perfect in that meeting. You handled both Mr. A. and F. perfectly. I am very grateful for that, you are an excellent lawyer and person.”
    -Julie D., Edmonton
  • “I made the mistake of not listening to Jerry the first time and then everything blew up and I’ll never do that again. Jerry knows what he is doing.”
    -Crystal G., Edmonton

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Experienced team of Edmonton Lawyers here to help with Family Law & Divorce, Real Estate Transactions, Wills & Estates, Personal Injury, and more.

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