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Get answers to your Family Law questions about divorce in Alberta, common law, child custody and much more

There are no quick and easy solutions for the typical family law dispute, but the entire dispute resolution process is easier when you have the compassionate support of an Edmonton family law lawyer from Kiriak Law.

Having dealt with many Alberta family law cases, including domestic violence, uncontested and contested divorce, prenuptial agreements, common law separations and division of property, we understand that you are struggling with intense emotions and that much of your fear and worry result from feeling powerless and unsure as to what will happen in the future. What you need is a family law lawyer who knows how you are feeling, understands your objectives and can explain how family law applies to your situation. You also need a clear plan of action that maximizes your opportunity to achieve dispute resolution and desired goals. You can expect all that and more from Kiriak Law, the right choice if you are searching the internet or the Edmonton lawyer directory for a top Family Law firm in Alberta with a proven track record in legal matters ranging from child custody and spousal support to legal separation and domestic violence.

Our objective is to achieve conflict resolution and resolve your case without going to court, whenever possible. However, if it is necessary to go to court, you can expect us to be passionate advocates for your interests. You will be equally impressed with our highly competitive rates for family law services.

Getting started is quick and easy as we offer free, no-obligation introductory consultations. Whether you have very basic questions such as “what is family law”, or are facing much more complex issues surrounding divorce, separation, child support and custody, we are here to help. All it takes to get started is a click or call to book your free introductory consultation.

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Expect clear communication at every step of the family law legal process and passionate advocacy of your rights under Alberta family law.

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