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What every personal injury victim needs to know about accident claims, lawsuits and compensation for pain and suffering

Legitimate personal injury lawsuit claims can be blocked or severely limited if the person with the personal injury does not have authoritative medical documentation of the injury, obtained through a medical assessment completed immediately after the accident.

Waiting for even a day or two can be a big mistake because it can be construed to mean that you were not seriously injured and/or your injury happened after the accident. Remember, you are attempting to receive compensation from an insurance company that is not acting in your interest and is in fact going to do everything possible to deny your claim.

In addition to documenting your injuries, which can include physical, mental and emotional pain, you must demonstrate that you:

  • Suffered an injury that was caused through the negligence or fault of another person, company or party.
  • Suffered a monetary loss.

You may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, out-of-pocket expenses including medical costs or lost wages, the cost of any future care and/or other expenses.

No two accident injury law suits are alike. Everyone has different injuries, different circumstances and different complicating factors. It takes a skilled personal injury lawyer to understand all these nuances, and that is exactly what you can expect from Kiriak Law, a leader among accident injury claims, including slip and fall injuries, in Edmonton. Get started today by giving us a click or a call to request your free, no-obligation consultation.

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How and when you complete documentation on your personal injury law suit is critically important.

It is also one more reason why you need to speak with a Personal Injury lawyer at Kiriak Law, a leading provider of accident injury lawyer legal services, including claims for compensation related to slip and fall injuries.


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