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Help your personal injury lawyer help you by providing full and complete documentation

One of the key drivers of success in any personal injury claim is the availability of authoritative documentation. This not only helps your accident injury lawyer assess your case, but also helps make it far more difficult for the insurance company to deny a claim for damages simply because critically important information is missing.

Here is a short-list of the documentation you should bring to your introductory consultation with a Kiriak Law personal injury lawyer:

  • Insurance certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance company contact info
  • Insurance company correspondence
  • Police documents, such as an accident report
  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Correspondence from any third-party related to the accident
  • Medical reports
  • The names of the healthcare professionals who have provided treatment
  • Documentation of your salary, including Revenue Canada slips
  • An estimate of the damage to your car
  • Record of your salary, such as pay stubs from your employer, a T4 slip or Canada Revenue Agency Record of Assessment
  • An estimate of property damage to your car or vehicle
  • Anything you receive in writing from an eye witness
  • Photographs of the scene and your injuries

If you do not have any of the above documentation, your Kiriak Law personal injury lawyer can make the necessary arrangements to get any missing paperwork.

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What you do in the first hours and days after your car crash accident can have a huge impact on your personal injury law suit. Protect your interests by contacting, as soon as possible, Kiriak Law, a leader among car accident lawyers in Edmonton.


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